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We went for groceries together and one of us cooked, another one did the dishes. When I played Single-A, I was with Nelson Cruz, who was playing with Oakland, and he was the cooking guy.

After that, I told [the media], 'I want to say what I feel.' They asked me if I felt comfortable, and I said yes.I'd immediately throw it in the trash." "It's no secret that after eating in restaurants for two weeks straight, food just does not taste the same. I learned how to eat sushi, all kinds of food to have some variety, and that helped." "Once, I checked into a hotel. My kids were telling me: 'Daddy, I want to eat real food.' One day, we had rice and chicken for them.'Daddy, this is real food.'" "On road trips, teams gave us meal money, which was like .We cooked in there and we saved ourselves a ton of money.If each of us contributed , we did a good grocery shopping trip and it lasted for the four to eight days of the road trip." "Back in Arizona, Dominican players gathered ourselves in groups of four or five.

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