Ukraine anal

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She lay still, half-naked, her battered body splayed out on the cold floor of the empty room.

I was terrified.” Almost two weeks had gone by when, one morning, Lena awoke without a blindfold.

Lena begged them not to touch her, but to no avail. Then the men in green.” On the other side of the screen, Lena stops speaking and swallows some water. When she starts speaking again, her voice sounds halting. “They’d blow marijuana smoke into my face to wake me up again.

Three or four of the soldiers started taking her clothes off. “On that day, there were at least eight men,” she said. They’d throw buckets of cold water over me to wake me up again.” Lena thinks that the men in black were Russians or Chechens from their accents. They were laughing and listening to music the whole time.” When they were finished with her, the rapists left Lena alone in the room.

The 22-year-old woman doesn’t know where she is, but she can hear sounds and screams. A guard enters the room and starts beating her with a rifle until she stops. By the next day, the young journalist still hasn’t been given any food or water.

She starts to scream again and, once again, her guard hits her.

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