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Lena and Ernest often spent time at the gristmill eating, drinking and having sex. __________________________________________________________________________________________ The murder trial was held August 14, 1944 in Randolph County Superior Court.

She eventually grew tired of the abuse and wanted out of the relationship. Presiding judge, Charles Williams “Two Gun” Worrill had a reputation as a no nonsense overseer of the Court.

Queenie, a very religious woman and strict disciplinarian, never struck her employers' children. After completing her sentence, Lena returned home to live with her mother and began making positive changes in her life.

If Lena disobeyed her mother, Queenie was known to tie Lena in a sack, hang it from a tree, and beat her. She attended church and found employment doing various jobs such as cleaning white peoples' homes, washing clothes, and picking cotton. When she washed, dried, and ironed a full basket of clothes, she was often paid only five or ten cents.

Governor Arnall did not, at that time, have the authority to pardon Lena.

All requests for pardons were handled by the Georgia State Pardon and Parole Board.

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Lena said, He gave her fifty cents and she walked over to the café on Dawes Street but the lights were off. She stayed with him for the night and asked him not let her sleep too long. Lena continued to tell him that she needed to leave. In Cuthbert, jurors were selected from voter registration rolls.

Both parents were under educated and neither could read nor write.

They worked as laborers; Mack as a farm hand and Queenie as a cook, house cleaner and caretaker for white families and their children. Together they decided to earn money through prostitution. It was not long before Lena and Lizzie were arrested and charged with "Keeping a Lewd House".

Her mother disapproved of her behavior and pleaded with her to stop drinking.

Ernest Knight, a 67-year-old white man and owner of the local grist mill was known around Cuthbert as a mean, heavy drinking and pistol carrying man.

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