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On the General tab, the first text box sets the mailbox name.

Change this text box if you’d like the mailbox to have a different display name.4. If you’d like to assign a new alias, enter the new Exchange alias in this text box.

, you need to establish a VPN connection for the software to connect to the Black Berry Enterprise Server.

, you might see duplicate entries on your device after syncing your device and computer.Whenever you change the Exchange alias, a new e-mail address can be generated and set as the default address for SMTP.The previous e-mail addresses for the account aren’t deleted.Outlook Social Connector is normal - I have it on my contacts as well.Microsoft Support has an article on offline address books which may be helpful in this situation..appears you have cached mode turned on (it is by default on the clients) The Outlook Social connector (Free with Outlook 2010/2013) will do what you are asking for.

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