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Now that Bethenny is on her side, I hope she’ll stop showing off like a 5-year-old who ate too many Sour Patch Kids. Between Ramona and Sonja Tremont Morgan of the San Joaquin Valley Morgans trying to say the world “solemnize” like they’re swirling hot gumbo in their mouths and Carole losing her phone with Adam’s shirtless pictures in it, there is so much to dissect. I don’t think that Sonja is an alcoholic, however I do think that she overindulges and may not be a good drunk.

(An open letter to Carole Radziwill: Dear Carole, I know you read these recaps and if you want to do me the honor of Snapchatting a shirtless picture of Adam, you can find me @Brian JMoylan. We all have that friend whose life isn’t debilitated by alcohol, but she likes to party, and when she does, she gets a little sloppy.

Jules truly is brave for putting herself in a position where her appearance will be publicly scrutinized.

Jules may not eat shellfish or pork or dairy with meat, but she seems “kosher light.” But this is part of a larger trend. Does she really not care that she brings her kids to school an hour late? Anyway, Manhattan private schools are so competitive that if that were the case, they would kick her out and fill her children’s spots in a snap. She is trying to decide which aspects of her personality will impress the world.(Ramona is a mess, but she is Ramona, through and through.) When a new Housewife tries to create a false persona in order to be “good TV,” we end up with Aviva Drescher, who throws her leg in a public space and is run out of town, leaving the fumes of desperation behind for everyone to choke on.Her worst comment of the night is when she criticizes Bethenny’s house and says that she has old money and Bethenny has new money.This is ironic because Bethenny is the one with the “small,” understated, entirely classy home in the Hamptons. She’s the one who acts like the nouveau riche, not Bethenny.The fact that she can’t realize the difference between class and size shows how little taste she has.

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